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How to care for your Swimwear

"Swimsuits are trashed how ever much they cost!"

This was a comment on a reply to a Facebook post I made.  I had to think long and hard about why this perception is thought of and I did some research and contacted my suppliers friends and family on their views.

Summer is well and truly underway and will probably be gone before we know it, so it's time to stop delaying and get your swimming costumes out of the bottom drawer! We’ve been waiting for summer all year, so why not take a holiday? Get your favourite swimming costume and head to the beach or take off for a quiet place outside the city.

Knowing how to take care of a swimming costume can help you keep it looking great for the whole season and, if you want, even for the next one. If you're looking for the best tips on how to care for your swimming costume, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll show you how, so pay attention!


How to care for your swimming costume? - The best tips

Discover the best tips to take care of your swimming costume for this summer season.

Every time you wear it, wash it.

People don't really know how often they should wash their swimming costume: every time you use it? Every week? Once a month?

The truth is, many professionals recommend washing your swimming costume every time you use it, even if you have only worn it for a few minutes. So why wash it after every use? It’s mainly because whenever we enter a swimming pool or the sea, we come into contact with chemicals or products such as our own or other people's sunscreens that can cause damage to our swimming costume. Washing after every use will prevent these substances and others to permeate the fabric and cause discolouration or permanent damage.

Prolonged chlorine exposure will fade your suit. Hot Tubs/Spas with chlorine will discolour and can damage your suit.

Here’s an exclusive tip to help you take even better care of your swimming costume. If you are going to enter a swimming pool or the sea, apply your sunscreen or suntan lotions at least 30-40 minutes in advance.


Select a detergent suitable for your suit.

When you wash your normal clothes, you may have to use a detergent or soap that is strong enough to remove the stains you pick up from everyday life when commuting, working in the garden, feeding the kids and the like. Woolite damages the elastic so stay clear of this product.

The best product I have found is Faith in Nature Washing Liquid

  • 5L eco-friendly laundry liquid made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils
  • Formulated with aloe vera and rosemary oil to leave clothes smelling super fresh. Our non-biological laundry liquid contains no enzymes, parabens, phosphates or bleaches

In the case of swimwear, you should select a milder detergent for delicate garments. You can find it in any supermarket chain and many other types of shop.

If I can't find a suitable detergent, what can I do?

Don't worry! If you haven't found a mild laundry detergent and you're desperate, here's the solution. You can use white vinegar, which has the ability to remove odours from swimming costumes, leaving them clean and free of bacteria.

If stains persist, rinse constantly for 10 to 15 minutes with cold water, please never use hot water! Handwashing reduces the release of microplastics into the environment.

I have sand in my swimming costume, what do I do?

No matter if you’re having a relaxing day in the shade, reading a book in a hammock, or diving around like a crazy person with the local volleyball team, we all get sand in our swimming costumes ─ both inside and outside. Follow the tips below to remove it properly:

- Go to an open space and shake your swimming costume for a few minutes.

- In a covered place, let your swimming costume sit for 30 minutes to dry properly.

- If you’ve still got sand on the inside and outside, use a hairdryer on a cold setting. Do not use hot air, it can damage the garment!

Wash your swimming costume gently by hand.

Washing your swimming costume by hand is the only solution because the washing machine can damage and tear your swimming costume.

  1. Find a large basin and fill it with cold water.
  2. Add a mild detergent, as mentioned above. If you don't have one, use white vinegar.
  3. Put your swimming costume in the basin and let it soak in the water for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  4. Once you’ve left it to soak for a while, take it out and let it dry on a towel in an area out of direct sunlight. Do not wring it out.


Washing a swimming costume correctly is easy if you follow all our tips above. It is a good idea to at least try to remember the main warnings we have mentioned:

- Do not dry it in the sun.

- Do not use the washing machine or tumble dryer.

- Do not wash it in hot water.

So I hope this all helps our swimsuits not to get 'TRASHED' and to make them last longer.  I have a Miss Janna and Esther Williams Swimsuits both 5 years old that are still in perfect condition.


Betty x

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