Halto Halterneck Relief Accessory

Say Hello to Halto. The discreet, squishy fix for rubbing and bruising caused by Halter Neck Swimwear. Simply wiggle the straps through any halter neck swimwear or clothing and ties as normal to feel the 'ahhhh' . Never comprise on style over comfort again. Look and feel amazing with a Halto.

Sold in Packs of two.  Just thread the straps through your neck ties.  Tie in a bow or knot and let the straps sit on the Halto, not your neck.  

I went on a boat trip in Thailand and had serious neck pain at the end of it, as I wore my bikini all day.

I never go to the beach or swim without mine.  Betty x


Picture above by halto

Stop halterneck pain with Halto. As seen on Dragons Den! (myhalto.com)



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