Esther Williams Queen of the Surf

Esther Williams Queen of the Surf

Esther Williams – Queen of the Surf

Perhaps one-piece swimsuits are a thing of the past or not very trendy as many people believe, however, it is not the case. One-piece swimsuits may look old-school but they are still better swimwear than bikinis or tankinis because they look great on everyone! Vintages style swimsuits are crafted to perfection and stay forever classy. Even today, the latest retro prints, old-fashioned cuts, and simplistic designs of vintage style swimwear make them a fashion statement in itself. Once you have got the right one, you will never want to go back to the modern bikinis.

Who is Esther Williams? 

When talking about vintage swimwear one name that instantly comes up is Esther Jane Williams – the Queen of the Surf. Esther Williams was born on the 8th of August in 1921, Inglewood, California. She was a popular American swimming champion who later went on to become a famous Hollywood movie star around the 50s. 



  Esther Williams had a bright childhood and became a popular teenage swimming champion who won three national level championships. She also became part of the official Olympics swimming team of the United States. Esther was working in a department store when she was spotted by an MGM talent scout in 1942 and debuted in her first film which was an "Andy Hardy" movie called “Andy Hardy's Double Life”. Soon after the release of this short movie, Williams rose to stardom. She gave birth to a whole new sub-genre of motion pictures called "Aqua Musicals" where she perfumed water acrobatics and swim stunts while dancing. Back when most of the Hollywood movies cost no more than $2 million, MGM built a special $250,000 swimming pool on Stage 30 for Esther Williams. It was the first of its kind with colored fountains, underwater windows, and hydraulic lifts. Williams would perform in this 25 feet deep pool for many of her films to come.


  Esther Williams and her daughter Susie modeling Cole of California "Mother-Daughter" swimsuits


 Esther Williams became famous for turning swimming into an art form and showcased many amazing moves in her movies. She starred in several Hollywood hits back in the day such as Jupiter’s Darling, Million Dollar Mermaid, Bathing Beauty, On an Island with You, Thrill of a Romance, Pagan Love Song, A Guy Named Joe, Dangerous When Wet, Easy to Love and many more. 

Due to her incredible swimming skills and talented acting abilities, she becomes known as “Hollywood’s Mermaid”. To date, there has been no actress to attempt the water ballet and swim stunts that Esther performed so flawlessly. After an impeccable career as a professional swimmer and movie star, Esther retired in 1982. Later on, she launched her own swimsuit line in 1989.

Esther Williams Swimwear 

Esther Williams single-handedly reinvented and glamorized the swimwear industry with new styles and embellishments. Her swimwear brand creates vintage swimwear designs that represent femininity and fitness. There are many comfortable and flattering swimsuit designs by Esther Williams which will make you step on the beach in style. 



 Talia in her favourite bikini.

Swim season is incomplete without a perfect swimsuit. Whether it’s a beach holiday with the family or a fun pool party at the clubhouse, every woman needs to have that one swimsuit which not only looks great but feels comfortable as well. The glamorous 50s swimsuits by Esther Williams look flattering on all body types and are created using high-quality fabrics. From retro polka dots to frills and ruffles, Esther Williams has a lot of cute swimsuits for all most with Tummy control Mesh.

Where to Find Esther Williams Swimwear? 

With so many online retail shops out there, it can be quite hard to find a reliable store that sells original products. BettyLicious is an online UK based independent retailer where you can purchase fabulous and 100% original vintage style bikinis and 1950's style retro swimsuits by popular brands like Esther Williams, BettyLicious, Girlhowdy, Banned and Unique Vintage,


 BettyLicious is a great store for all those retro beach loving girls out there! You will like what they have in store for you; lots of one piece choices with vibrant colors, trendy cuts, and cute prints are available here. You will also find a wide range of Esther Williams Swimwear at a great price and quick delivery. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours right now!


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